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Purkeys’ SELECT™ automatically swaps sources, maintains charge

In commercial trucking, liftgates are an important component. Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, provides the SELECT™ Liftgate Charging System, an important asset that helps keep liftgate batteries charged and liftgates running properly.

“The original design choices behind the SELECT were very simple; we listened to problems our customers had with a variety of systems, and worked to solve them,” said Bruce Purkey, Founder and Chief Creative Engineer at Purkeys.
Bruce Purkey says there are three major issues commercial fleets face when dealing with liftgates: lack of charging time, voltage drop along lengths of cable and lack of accurate diagnostics for charging systems. The SELECT system was designed with these problems in mind and provides an electrical solution that charges batteries from multiple sources and overcomes voltage drop with a DC to DC converter.

Able to draw charge from multiple sources, such as the tractor batteries or the reefer unit, the SELECT maintains a steady voltage to the liftgate batteries and allows drivers to see the status of the vehicle electrical system.

Purkeys’ SELECT functions more efficiently than standard dual-pole-only charging systems, as it automatically draws power from the best available source. This more effectively maintains battery charge by allowing batteries to charge from the reefer when it’s running, even if the tractor isn’t attached, or to charge from the 7-way, even if the dual pole isn’t plugged in.

Purkeys’ SELECT is a versatile charging system and has paved the way for more efficient liftgate charging solutions.