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March 2018
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New wireless camera system now available at TVH

TVH in the Americas (TVH), provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry has introduced a new wireless camera system that can dramatically improve the safety and productivity of your day to day operations. The camera system is easily installed onto any forklift or heavy machinery to allow the operator to see all of their surroundings with ease.

 This professional wireless camera was specifically made for industrial use so it can handle some of the roughest conditions. Features include built in heater with anti-frost and anti-mist capabilities, it is water-resistant, and it comes with a sun shield for optimum visibility. Some other incredible features are split screen monitor, 30-35 hours of battery life with an on/off switch, night vision, and best of all, a two-year warranty.

The camera system includes a camera, monitor, a tall bracket to mount the camera, a fan-shaped stand to mount the monitor, a flexi pack battery and charger with three adapters, two antennas for better connectivity, and power cables. This innovative camera system is the perfect accessory for your industrial equipment.