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Infrastructure week: America counts on freight rail

With Infrastructure Week underway, millions of Americans are learning about the challenges that a failing infrastructure poses to the nation's economy. However, one industry stands above because of its ability to privately invest in maintaining their network - freight rail. For the men and women of America's railroads, every week is Infrastructure Week.

11 numbers to know about freight rail:                       

  • $60 million - How many dollars per day freight railroads invest in their infrastructure.
  • 8 - The number of times rail in the U.S. network could circle the earth.
  • $274 billion - Freight rail's economic impact in 2014.
  • 54 - The number of tons of freight moved for every American each year.
  • $1 - Invested by the railroads generates $10 in economic activity.
  • 69,000 - Tons of new rail laid in 2015.
  • 43 - Percent decrease in accidents and derailments since 2000.
  • $100 million - Amount invested each month to develop, test, and install Positive Train Control (PTC)
  • 14.6 million - Number of crossties installed in 2013
  • $121,000 - Average rail employee compensation, including benefits.
  • 6 - Freight railroads invest six times the average manufacturer.

The numbers are clear. Freight rail works for America.