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TotalTrax releases update to flagship telematics software

TotalTrax just released a significant update to its flagship SX200 telematics software with the Version 1.1.9 release. This version has been fully regression tested for both VX hardware and legacy (EquipManager, ImpactManagerRF and ImpactManagerID) hardware for a complete “mixed fleet” environment. This means that customers benefitting from their existing EquipCommand and legacy hardware installations can move to the more robust, extensible and feature rich SX200 environment without compromise.

This latest release introduces a number of enhancements and addresses a variety of performance and configuration issues. Included in this release are the following enhancements:

  • EN-399 Build latest online help files into SX200
  • EN-550 Add location-based impact threshold settings
  • EN-664 Mitigate cross-frame scripting vulnerability
  • EN-665 Improve password strength policy
  • EN-573 Improve SX200 email sending routine
  • EN-582 Improve VX message transmission by adding a routing key to RabbitMQ message queues
  • EN-469 Add self-signed certificate capability for wireless network connectivity to SX/VX

Customers under current maintenance agreement are eligible to receive this update.