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Purkeys provides solar solutions for longer summer days

Solar and other green technologies are increasingly important energy sources, even in the heavy-duty trucking industry. Fleets can now take advantage of solar equipment to charge batteries in both trucks and trailers. These solar solutions are particularly useful during long summer days.

By working closely with clients and trucking industry leaders, Purkeys has created two product lines, the Solar Bolt™ and Solar Dash™, to solve problems fleets encounter in their daily operations. 

The Solar Bolt is installed on the roof of a trailer to provide a constant charge to electrical accessories such as liftgate batteries and reefers. The Solar Dash is placed on the dash to help keep batteries charged over periods of inactivity. 

These products provide supplemental charging systems that compliment conventional charging systems used by fleets. These solar solutions are a convenient way to help keep batteries at a high state of charge.

As solar power increases in importance in the trucking industry, Purkeys and other solar industry leaders continuously look to innovate new ways to harness solar energy to benefit heavy-duty vehicles.