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March 2018
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Introducing the Interstate Power Care Battery Medic

For years, the motive battery industry has been introduced to different methods of “Sulfation Elimination” from companies who promised battery restoration using small electronic “buzz boxes,” special chargers, capacitors attached to the batteries and special additives to the electrolytes. Those previous attempts were universally rejected by the battery community as scientifically insignificant and often harmful to motive batteries.  Until now. 

Interstate Power Care and PowersolutionsFX are pleased to introduce the patented Battery Medic technology to the industrial community that uses primarily Class 1 – 3 electric lift trucks.  Product highlights are as follows:

  • Removes sulfation build-up in 2 days or less
  • Interstate patented Battery Medic is portable, for use at customer site
  • 95% of batteries evaluated are good candidates for rejuvenation (5% have cell problems)
  • Simple three step process to set up, run and complete the de-sulfation process
  • Delivers de-sulfated battery 100% of the time with recovered capacity exceeding 85%

About the Service Partner Opportunity

  • Seeking Service Partner companies, limited territories available
  • No capital investment, business model is a charge “per cycle” at a wholesale/retail rate structure
  • Visit, register in the upper right, take the tour, contact us if interested, we’ll get right back to you!