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Loftware releases expand native color support for Epson printers and extend RFID and integration capabilities

Loftware, Inc., the global provider of Enterprise Labeling Solutions, announced the latest releases of Loftware Print Server (LPS), Loftware Label Manager (LLM), and the Loftware Universal Connector. LPS 11.1 enables users to meet complex color labeling demands with support for Epson ColorWorks TM-c7500 and C7500GE on-demand printers. This release also enhances label print performance, eases printer management, reduces device maintenance and extends RFID capabilities. Additionally, Loftware Universal Connector 4.2 offers new capabilities for integrating LPS to any business application using web services.

LPS brings the power of Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Solutions to Epson color printers using ESC/Label language, which drives Epson ColorWorks TM-c7500 and C7500GE on-demand inkjet label printers. The ESC/Label driver enables organizations to get the speed and performance of a native driver while removing the requirement of having pre-printed label stock to print labels in color.  Loftware’s native printer drivers reduce print streams to minimize network traffic, optimize print speeds and remove the need to maintain windows drivers while enabling companies to meet high-volume global print requirements.

“This release significantly improves the customer experience, and fully optimizes printing capabilities across a global network. It also helps to meet the growing demand for color labeling, which is becoming increasingly important across all industries,” stated Loftware Vice President of Product Management, Josh Roffman. “LPS 11.1 gives our customers what they are looking for, native color support with an Epson driver to meet regulations and branding requirements without the effort, cost and waste associated with using pre-printed label stock,” he added.

LPS also extends the library of RFID tags and offers greater flexibility when selecting a target printer. The new release offers support for larger capacity tags and enables LPS users to leverage additional Gen II tags including Impinj UHF Gen 2 (Monza), TI UHF Gen 2 (Dallas), and UHF Gen 2. This release enables customers to create their own RFID tag inlay images to build on the existing library of available images.

Providing significant time savings and streamlined usability, LPS enables users to import and export printers and their associated configuration details to hundreds and thousands of printers. Users can also organize print devices enabling them to better manage print jobs, diverse printer types and different locations to optimize for peak performance.

Loftware Connector 4.2 offers a new level of flexibility for high volume global printing by enabling LPS to integrate with any 3rd party or homegrown application via web services. It combines the versatility of web services and the business logic capabilities of the Universal Connector with a simple and intuitive web services configuration. Loftware Connector 4.2 provides a full range of capabilities including the ability to request printer job status, trigger business rules dynamically, and gain enhanced visibility into printer environments, including the ability to access a list of printers, along with their printer details.