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Metric size, tapped type steel vibration dampening leveling mounts from JW Winco

JW Winco, Inc., a Ganter Company, supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers GN 342.1/342.2 metric size, tapped and threaded stud type steel vibration dampening leveling mounts.

The specified load for these RoHS compliant leveling mounts features a recommendation up to the point the dampening element can be permanently subjected. This static load equals a thrust on the area, at which the dampening material reaches its optimum dynamic dampening ability. The elastomer of the dampening element is oil resistant and has an operating range from -30° C (-22° F) to +70° C (158° F).

The leveling mounts, which cannot be disassembled, feature a base, tapped socket or threaded stud, hex nut (hex nut is included with threaded stud version), that are steel, with a zinc plated, blue passivated finish, while the dampening element is anti-slip elastomer material in gray and glued to the base.