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Konecranes updated online portal helps customers fine-tune crane maintenance in real time

Managers can now get critical information on the condition of cranes in their fleet within minutes of concluding a service visit. The online portal from global lifting leader Konecranes emails the customer after a service request is completed with a direct link to the online reporting view. This allows paperless reporting with real-time speed. The result? Crane owners no longer need to wait for data to make decisions about their equipment.

This concept is called Lifecycle Care in Real Time, and it’s one of the cornerstones of the Konecranes customer experience. The benefits were summarized by Jim Skowron, Konecranes Regional VP sales, service.

“From the beginning, was designed to put all of the customer’s service data in their hands, in one centralized place,” says Skowron. “The new wrinkle is how quickly we can make it available to them after the conclusion of the service visit. Our technicians conduct safety and visit reviews while on site before leaving the facility. It’s one thing to have data, but if no one works with the customer to analyze it and optimize maintenance, then it’s just data.”

An email link to the “Service Review Summary” page in shows the customer all of the details of the most recent service visit. Open safety risks, open production risks, and condition alerts from Konecranes TRUCONNECT® technology are included in the “Just Now” view. Managers can view all of their crane data in one place and share it, any time, any place. 

“Customers are telling us that they cannot afford to wait anymore for the information they need to run their business, and need real-time information to make quick decisions,” says Skowron. “They can go right into the customer portal from their computer, tablet or smartphone and get the data they need to make decisions, solve problems and then move on to the next challenge. They don’t need to wait for someone else, and our Customer Consultation process is there to assist them throughout the crane’s lifecycle.”

The “Activity” page shows completed service requests in the customer’s selected timeframe. Users can sort by service product and asset criticality.

The “Fleet View” allows the customer to sort data by priority, asset criticality, date or alphabetically. Sorting by priority transmits a clear view of safety and production-critical issues. Each asset that was included in the service request is listed, and all findings and actions pertaining to that asset are listed in detail.

As a resource, allows the customer to view, analyze and share crane data with other decision-makers in his or her organization. Insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, which helps the team make informed, fact-based maintenance decisions. 

“Knowledge is power,” says Skowron. “This online portal allows the customer to know what is going on with all of their cranes at all times, so there are no surprises. That’s the fundamental concept behind Konecranes ability to deliver the highest lifecycle value for overhead cranes used in so many diverse situations, for so many different customers.”