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LEDtronics releases new LED high mast luminaires
the brightest lights in its 35-year history

LEDtronics® introduces its brightest light in company history: a brand new series of LED high mast flood lights. The lumen output of our HPF series ranges from 31,000 all the way up to 118,000 lm.

These newly-designed, dimmable LED high mast flood lights come in a range of wattages. They only consume 250 to 800 watts, but replace HID lights of 1000 watts up to three luminaires of 1000 watts each. 

The extremely high light output makes this product series ideal for applications such as stadiums, arenas, fields, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds, exhibition halls, high bay illumination, industrial plants, construction sites, wharves, plazas, airports, up/down spotlighting, pole-mounted outdoor area lighting and many more.