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JW Winco introduces latch type toggle clamps

JW Winco, Inc., a Ganter Company and supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced the introduction of GN 852.3 steel & stainless-steel latch type toggle clamps, heavy duty type, with safety hook.

The latch type toggle clamps, which are RoHS compliant, are compact in design and can be used to ensure high holding capacities. The circular movement of the handle is transformed into the linear action of the latch. In the clamped position, the U-bolt latch with clamping arm is parallel to the plane of the operating handle.

When the toggle clamp is clamped, a safety hook positively locks onto the body. This prevents inadvertent or vibration-induced release from the clamping position. Unlocking of the safety hook is achieved by one-hand operation. The stroke of the U-bolt latch of these toggle clamps can be adjusted within its range.